Find out IP addresses from MACs in a Local Area Network

Devices connected in a LAN.
Image: Devices connected in a LAN. (License: CC-BY-SA Marcelo Canina)

Script for Linux to map all devices with their assigned IP in a LAN

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This is a guide to know which IP address is assigned to which computer based in a mapping of device-MAC addresses.

In this way we can know which IP has been assigned by a DHCP server in a LAN, if we don’t have access to the DHCP server but we know the address of each device that can be connected.

1. Map IP and MACs

We need to have a list of DEVICE NAME - MAC like a comma separated values file ~/map-dev-mac.csv with three columns:

  • custom_dev_id: our assigned name to the device
  • mac: MAC address of the device
  • dev_name: the name set by the device itself

For example:


2. Install scanner

Install the scanner: arp-scan which will be used in the script.

sudo apt install arp-scan

2. Script

Now we use the following bash script


LOCAL_IP_MACS=$(sudo arp-scan --plain
while read -r LINE; do
    # skip comments
    DEV_NAME=$(echo $LINE | cut -d',' -f1 -s)
    DEV_MAC=$(echo $LINE | cut -d',' -f2 -s)
    #if mac not empty
    if [ -n "$DEV_MAC" ]; then
	DEV_IP=`echo "$LOCAL_IP_MACS" | grep $DEV_MAC | cut -f1 # --zero-terminated `
	echo -e "$DEV_IP \t $DEV_NAME "
done < ~/map-dev-mac.csv

And make it executable: chmod +x

2.1 Note

Executing the script will look for all the devices connected in a LAN, typically, and then look each device in our text file, generating a list of IP-DEVICE_NAME

3. Example output

After executing the script:

[sudo] password for user: 
 	 custom_dev_id 	 router     main-server     mike-phone


This is a simple way to access other devices when not having access to a DHCP server, it would need to be run often as the DHCP may assign new IPs to the devices connected in a LAN.

Feel free to propose any improvements to the script.

Marcelo Canina
I'm Marcelo Canina, a developer from Uruguay. I build websites and web-based applications from the ground up and share what I learn here.
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