When To Use Http Post Or Get Methods In Html Forms

  • Published: July 25, 2016


HTTP request methods are defined in RFC2616 Section 9 Method Definitions. These methods are also known as verbs as they indicate the desired action to be performed on an identified resource.

Understanding the basics in simple terms

From a practical point of view, these are the most simple (not so accurate) definitions and differences.

GET method

$_GET is an array of variables passed to the current script via the URL parameters.


POST method

$_POST is an array of variables passed to the current script via the HTTP POST method.

POST /data/form HTTP/1.1
Host: example.com

When to use GET vs POST methods

In most cases:

GET should be used to __retrieve data__ from a specified resource and sending __non-sensitive__ data.
POST is the preferred way for sending __form data__.
Can be __cached__
Remain in the __browser history__
Can be __bookmarked__
Data visible in URL
Used with __sensitive data__
__Data length__ restrictions
ASCII data type allowed
Binary data type allowed
Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Type multipart/form-data


A search page should use GET, while a form that changes your password should use POST.


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What's the difference between HTTP GET and POST methods? When to use methods GET and POST in HTML forms.

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