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Do not accept new users

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How to disable new users Sign Up while allowing old users to log in a website using Django's allauth

Supposing you already have a custom user model in an users app, we create an adapter to disable new sign ups.

Django allauth comes with adapter methods that can be used to intervene in how User instances are created and populated with data1, in particular there is an is_open_for_signup method that can disable new sign ups.

1. Override method

We create an adapter.py file in users app extending the DefaultAccountAdapter. In users/adapter.py:

from allauth.account.adapter import DefaultAccountAdapter

class NoNewUsersAccountAdapter(DefaultAccountAdapter):
    Adapter to disable allauth new signups
    Used at equilang/settings.py with key ACCOUNT_ADAPTER

    https://django-allauth.readthedocs.io/en/latest/advanced.html#custom-redirects """
    def is_open_for_signup(self, request):
        Checks whether or not the site is open for signups.

        Next to simply returning True/False you can also intervene the
        regular flow by raising an ImmediateHttpResponse
        return False

2. Update settings

Use the above adapter in our project settings file myapp/settings.py:

# Disable new users signup
# look at users/adapter.py
ACCOUNT_ADAPTER = 'users.adapter.NoNewUsersAccountAdapter'


Now every time you try to visit the sign up page, allauth.account.SignupView will use the CloseableSignupMixin mixin which uses the template at allauth/templates/account/signup_closed.html.

To understand whats going on behind the scenes, this is the relevant code at the project:

class CloseableSignupMixin(object):
    template_name_signup_closed = (
        "account/signup_closed." + app_settings.TEMPLATE_EXTENSION)

    def dispatch(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
            if not self.is_open():
                return self.closed()
        except ImmediateHttpResponse as e:
            return e.response
        return super(CloseableSignupMixin, self).dispatch(request,

    def is_open(self):
        return get_adapter(self.request).is_open_for_signup(self.request)

    def closed(self):
        response_kwargs = {
            "request": self.request,
            "template": self.template_name_signup_closed,
        return self.response_class(**response_kwargs)

class SignupView(RedirectAuthenticatedUserMixin, CloseableSignupMixin,
                 AjaxCapableProcessFormViewMixin, FormView):
	// ...


  1. https://django-allauth.readthedocs.io/en/latest/advanced.html

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Guide to disable the creation of new users in a site using Django allauth's while keeping the ability to log in preexisting users

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