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The structure that sets up Django by default is very basic, when a project starts to grow, it starts to require a better approach, that deals with other aspects of development and deployment such as:

  • deployment scripts
  • separated tests by units
  • having different environments for development, production (staging)
  • documentation for the project
  • $HOME/.virtualenvs/PROJECT_NAME
  • REPO-ROOT/ git repo
    • README.rst Summary of the project and how to install it
    • docs/
      • deployment.rst Step by step guide to deploy
      • installation.rst Setup for the project for other devs
      • architecture.rst How project evolves and what assumptions consider
    • .gitignore
    • requirements/
      • base.txt
      • local.txt
      • production.txt
      • test.txt
    • Makefile Deployment tasks
      • media/ only in development
      • static/ non user generated static media
      • templates/ site-wide
        • base.html
          • app-1/
          • app-2/
      • APP-1/
      • APP-2/
      • config/ CONFIGURATION-ROOT
        • settings/
The preferred documentation format is reStructuredText .rst.
Keep virtual environment outside project $HOME/.virtualenvs//
_media_ directory should exists only in development, for user generated static media assets (e.g. photos).
assets (e.g. css) controlled by STATICFILES DIRS config variable. _Media_ and _static_ directories in production should be located in a static media server.
[Two Scoops Of Django] has the project structure they recommend implemented in the project [Cookiecutter](


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I'm Marcelo Canina, a developer from Uruguay. I build websites and web-based applications from the ground up and share what I learn here.
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An approach on the most convenient way to organize directories for robust Django projects.

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