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The default configuration file is located in /_config.yml. Jekyll by default comes with a lot of defaults that are not listed explicitly.

This article list the defaults values assumed by Jekyll.

The config file is in YAML format.

Full list of all the default configuration options

# Where things are
source:                      # Current-dir
destination:                 # Current-dir/_site
plugins_dir:    '_plugins'
layouts_dir:    '_layouts'
data_dir:       '_data'
includes_dir:   '_includes'
collections:    null
#  my_collection:
#    output: true
#    permalink: /awesome/:path/

# Handling Reading
safe:           false
include:        ['.htaccess']
exclude:        []
keep_files:     ['.git', '.svn']
encoding:       'utf-8'
markdown_ext:   'markdown,mkdown,mkdn,mkd,md'

# Filtering Content
show_drafts:    null
limit_posts:    0
future:         false
unpublished:    false

# Plugins
whitelist:      []
gems:           []

# Conversion
markdown:       'kramdown'
highlighter:    'rouge'
lsi:            false
excerpt_separator:  "\n\n"
incremental:    false

# Serving
detach:         false          # default to not detaching the serve
port:           '4000'
host:           ''
baseurl:        ''
show_dir_listing:  false

# Output Configuration
permalink:      'date'
paginate_path:  '/page:num'
timezone:       null           # use local timezone

quiet:          false
verbose:        false
#  - scope:
#      path: ""
#      type: my_collection
#    values:
#      layout: page

  extensions:   []

  extensions:   []

  auto_ids:        true
  toc_levels:      '1..6'
  entity_output:   'as_char'
  smart_quotes:    'lsquo,rsquo,ldquo,rdquo'
  input:           "GFM"
  hard_wrap:       false
  footnote_nr:     1
Tested with Jekyll version v3.2.0

Config Source

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