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Comparing normal and Minified HTML
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This is a simple script to Minify HTML pages after they have been generated locally with a static website generator like Hugo or Jekyll.


Minifying HTML pages:

  • increase downloading times as it reduces web-page sizes
  • accelerate parsing times

Probably you have already found this at Google's PageSpeed Insights recommendation to Minify HTML after testing your website:


We will use the best minifier at the moment: tdewolff/minify in its command line version:

To install it run the following command:

go get -u

then you will have the minify command in your $GOPATH/bin.

Minify all HTML

To minify all the HTML pages in a directory and its sub-directories, official docs recommends the usage of $ minify -r -o out/ --match=\.html src to minimize all the files inside the src directory. But in my experience, it also removes non HTML files, so I recommend to traverse all the directories looking for HTML files with the find command.

To minify all the files of a directory, you can use minify directly or the find command.

First we look for HTML files in src: find ./src -name "*.html".

Then we execute the minifier for each file with the -exec parameter and replace the file with its minified version: find ./src -name "*.html" -exec minify -o {} {} \;

Finally we add the desired parameters, anyone from:

  • --css-decimals int: “Number of decimals to preserve in numbers, -1 is all (default -1)”
  • --html-keep-conditional-comments: “Preserve all IE conditional comments”
  • --html-keep-default-attrvals: “Preserve default attribute values”
  • --html-keep-document-tags: “Preserve html, head and body tags”
  • --html-keep-end-tags: “Preserve all end tags”
  • --html-keep-whitespace: “Preserve whitespace characters but still collapse multiple into one”
  • --xml-keep-whitespace: “Preserve whitespace characters but still collapse multiple into one”

For example let's use --html-keep-document-tags --html-keep-end-tags, then our find command to minify all the HTML files in the src directory would look like:

find ./src -name "*.html" -exec minify --html-keep-document-tags --html-keep-end-tags  -o {} {} \;

Or simply using the minify command to minify all the HTML files in the src directory:

minify -r -o src/ --match=\.html --html-keep-document-tags --html-keep-end-tags src/


To minify Hugo's generated HTML files:

1. Generate the website

If you have hugo version greater than version 0.47 then you simply use hugo –minify and it's done, the minified webpages are located in public/.

But if you are using a lower version of Hugo then.. you should update! or use any of these approaches:

2. Minify

Minify all files ending in .html inside the public folder replacing the generated ones.

2.1 Using minify:

2.2 Or using find:


To minify Jekyll's generated HTML files:

1. Generate the website

2. Minify

Minify all files ending in .html inside the __site folder replacing the generated ones:

2.1 With minify

2.2 Or with find


This is a command line approach to minify any website's HTML files no matter what generator you are using.

Now all HTML files like this content:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en" itemscope itemtype=''>
	<meta name="generator" content="Hugo 0.46" />
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no">
	<meta property="description"

Would have their white spaces stripped looking like:

<!doctype html><html lang=en itemscope itemtype=><head><meta name=generator content="Hugo 0.46"><meta charset=utf-8><meta name=viewport content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1,shrink-to-fit=no"><meta property=description


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