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Audacity saving Google Translator audio
Image: Audacity saving Google Translator audio (License: CC-BY-SA Marcelo Canina)
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Saving audios generated by the Google’s Translator into an mp3 file is not trivial, we will see a method for text of an arbitrary size and save them into a high quality audio file.

For this method we will play the lyrics with the translator’s Play button, while having Audacity (an audio processor program) record the internal microphone.

1. Dependencies

We need the following programs:

  • PulseAudio Volume Control 1 pavucontrol - A simple volume control tool (mixer) for the PulseAudio sound server.
  • audacity 2 - Graphical cross-platform audio editor

To install them: sudo apt install pavucontrol audacity

2. Choose internal microphone

Next step is to choose the internal mic as the source of our record.

Open the volume control pavucontrol and then choose the Recording tab. Then choose Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo.

3. Start recording

Open audacity and press the recording button, then go to the browser and in the translator web page, press the Play button.

Audacity will be recording all that is being said at the Translator’s audio.

4. Stop recording

When translator finishes speaking, go to the Audacity window and Stop the recording.

5. Final tweakings

5.1 Normalize

Make the sound louder by normalizing it. Choose all the audio track with Ctrl + A. then go to Effects - Normalize

5.2 Remove silence

Make the sound louder by normalizing it. Choose all the audio track with Ctrl + A. then go to Effects - Truncate Silence.

6. Export to mp3 or ogg

In Audacity, File - Export - Export as OGG.


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How to save Google Translator's generated audio into an mp3 file

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