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Writing in Spanish in Linux. How to type Spanish special characters.


Special characters in Linux can be always entered by typing Unicode characters.

This method is independent from the keyboard layout and the language of the environment, so it is always an option.

The Unicode Standard is a character coding system designed to support the worldwide interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of the diverse languages and technical disciplines of the modern world.

Spanish Unicode Characters Table

To type this kind of characters, especially those used in Spanish language, the code point in hexadecimal form has to be entered pressing simulatenously Control+Shift+U and then entering the Character Hex Value

Spanish letter Hex value Key combination
á 00e1 Ctrl+Shift+u 00e1
Á 00c1 Ctrl+Shift+u 00c1
é 00e9 Ctrl+Shift+u 00e9
É 00c9 Ctrl+Shift+u 00c9
í 00ed Ctrl+Shift+u 00ed
Í 00cd Ctrl+Shift+u 00cd
ó 00f3 Ctrl+Shift+u 00f3
Ó 00d3 Ctrl+Shift+u 00d3
ú 00fa Ctrl+Shift+u 00fa
Ú 00da Ctrl+Shift+u 00da
ñ 00f1 Ctrl+Shift+u 00f1
Ñ 00d1 Ctrl+Shift+u 00d1
ü 00fc Ctrl+Shift+u 00fc
Ü 00dc Ctrl+Shift+u 00dc
¡ 00a1 Ctrl+Shift+u 00a1
¿ 00bf Ctrl+Shift+u 00bf
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